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VB6 Download

The demonstration programs require the Northwind database. The Microsoft Access version is installed with VB6 and is also available here at the Microsoft website. To test with SQL Server uncomment the NorthWindDB.Connect_SQLServer function in frmMain and change the database server if necessary.

Source code is hosted on Github:

  • Initial Release
  • Includes transaction support via the DBO.Transactions property.
  • Includes support for the DBO.Connection property so that the DBO connection can be used directly. This is relevant in avoiding deadlock issues in relation to using multiple connections.
  • Fixes MySQL SQLAlterTable so that it correctly adds and modifies columns.
  • Includes support for DatabaseObjectLockController - enabling locking of records.
  • Correctly replaces quote characters with \' for MySQL.
  • Added in DBO.ObjectGetFieldValue and Database.ObjectSetFieldValue functions that allow direct access to the database without having load or set other fields for the object's record.
  • Raises an error if DBO.Connect has not been called prior to using a DBO.Object* function.
  • Corrected a problem with the rollback transaction. Subsequent opening of a new connection or starting a new transaction would fail.
  • Raises a more descriptive error if the Connection.Start() or Transactions.Begin() functions have not been called before calling Connection.Execute() or Connection.ExecuteNonQuery().