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Namespace: DatabaseObjects.SQL
Assembly: DatabaseObjects (in DatabaseObjects.dll) Version:


public enum FieldValueAutoAssignmentType
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration FieldValueAutoAssignmentType
Visual C++
public enum class FieldValueAutoAssignmentType


Member nameValueDescription
None0 Indicates that the field is not automatically assigned by the database, it is assigned a value from the values specified in the INSERT statement.
AutoIncrement1 Indicates that the field is an IDENTITY field and is automatically incremented by the database on table INSERTS. Using this flag for the DistinctFieldAttribute is the same as setting the bAutoIncrements field to true.
NewUniqueIdentifier2 Indicates that the field is a UNIQUEIDENTIFIER and should be automatically assigned a new GUID using the System.Guid class. It does NOT use a database function (such as NEWID()) to assign the field a new unique identifier as it is difficult to extract the value from the database after insertion.

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