Attribute for a field of type DatabaseObjects.Generic.ObjectReference class. Attribute cannot be applied to a DatabaseObjects.ObjectReference class - only the generic version. Indicates whether the foreign / referenced object should be loaded when the containing object is loaded (early binding). If ommitted then the late binding is applied. Specifically, only the reference object's distinct value will be assigned to the ObjectReference.DistinctValue property. Subsequent calls to ObjectReference.Object will load the foreign / referenced. Early binding is achieved by joining the table with the foreign table and creating the main object and the foreign / referenced object from the joined data. The table joins are created automatically and are automatically implemented in the DatabaseObjects.TableJoins function. ObjectReferenceEarlyBindingAttribute must be used with the FieldMappingAttribute to indicate the name of the field in the primary collection's table that references the foreign field / distinct value in the foreign collection. The field specified MUST link to the foreign collection's distinct field and table name as indicated by the TableAttribute and DistinctFieldAttribute values.

Namespace: DatabaseObjects
Assembly: DatabaseObjects (in DatabaseObjects.dll) Version:


public class ObjectReferenceEarlyBindingAttribute : Attribute
Visual Basic
Public Class ObjectReferenceEarlyBindingAttribute _
	Inherits Attribute
Visual C++
public ref class ObjectReferenceEarlyBindingAttribute : public Attribute


The foreign collection table is determined by utilising the type T defined by DatabaseObjects.Generic.ObjectReference and then obtaining the table name and distinct field from the TableAttribute and DistinctFieldAttribute values.

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