Extends the capabilities of the DatabaseObject by providing a set of routines that lock and unlock this object for exclusive access for a particular user. When Lock() is called a record is written to the lock table which includes the object's associated table name, the object's distinct value and the user ID specified in the DatabaseObjectLockController. When Unlock() is called this record is deleted. If another or the current user has locked the object then the IsLocked property will return true. The DatabseObjects library does not inhibit the loading and/or saving of any locked objects.

Namespace: DatabaseObjects
Assembly: DatabaseObjects (in DatabaseObjects.dll) Version:


public abstract class DatabaseObjectLockable : DatabaseObject, 
Visual Basic
Public MustInherit Class DatabaseObjectLockable _
	Inherits DatabaseObject _
	Implements IDatabaseObjectLockable
Visual C++
public ref class DatabaseObjectLockable abstract : public DatabaseObject, 

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