Ensures that the key field (KeyFieldName for parent collection class) value is unique within the collection. The value passed to the ConstraintBinding must by the key field value. The constraint ensure s that if the object is new then the key field value must be unique within the entire collection (the collection's SubSet applies). Otherwise, if the new object is already saved and the key field value has changed then it is ensured to be unique within the collection (the collection's SubSet applies).

Namespace: DatabaseObjects.Constraints
Assembly: DatabaseObjects (in DatabaseObjects.dll) Version:


public class KeyFieldIsUniqueInCollectionConstraint<T> : IConstraint<T>
Visual Basic
Public Class KeyFieldIsUniqueInCollectionConstraint(Of T) _
	Implements IConstraint(Of T)
Visual C++
generic<typename T>
public ref class KeyFieldIsUniqueInCollectionConstraint : IConstraint<T>

Type Parameters

The key field data type (typically string)


Inheritance Hierarchy

  DatabaseObjects.Constraints..::..KeyFieldIsUniqueInCollectionConstraint<(Of <(<'T>)>)>

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