Returns the database fields for an object from the collection using a distinct value (see IDatabaseObjects.DistinctFieldName). If the collection has implemented the IDatabaseObjects.Subset function then the objDistinctValue need only be unique within the collection's subset, not the entire database table. This is typically used to interogate the database fields before loading the object with a call to ObjectFromFieldValues. This function is rarely used and generally the Object function suffices.

Namespace: DatabaseObjects
Assembly: DatabaseObjects (in DatabaseObjects.dll) Version:


protected SQLFieldValues ObjectFieldValues(
	Object objDistinctValue
Visual Basic
Protected Function ObjectFieldValues ( _
	objDistinctValue As Object _
) As SQLFieldValues
Visual C++
SQLFieldValues^ ObjectFieldValues(
	Object^ objDistinctValue


Type: System..::..Object
The value that uniquely identifies the object within the collection. This is the value of the field defined by the collection's IDatabaseObjects.DistinctFieldName function.

Return Value

IDatabaseObject (DatabaseObjects.IDatabaseObject)

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